Join the Detuned Revolution

The Detuned Cabinet design is revolutionary in that it is both better sounding, lighter and more portable as well as more efficient, because it provides the sound and power of a dual speaker with only one speaker installed inside the cabinet. That may sound impossible but if you reverse the terms,  it is the closed-back configuration that lacks the efficiency the Detuned design offers. The good news is that a closed-back cabinet can always be converted to a detuned cabinet by removing half the drivers, provided of course there is an even number of drivers installed, e.g. 2 x 10″, 4 x 12″. You have then both a lighter cabinet easier to transport, as well as 2 backup speakers for future use or installing in a new detuned cabinet.


Singular – 1 x 10″ Detuned Cabinet

Being both more light-weight and efficient than the traditional closed-back designs, the Singular is an amazing sounding cabinet that accepts one 10″ speaker driver. The sound reproduction is experienced as if it was a 2 x 10″, more 3-dimensional and with an extended angle coverage.

As with all our cabinets, the Singular is constructed with high quality voidless wood, supplied from certified suppliers that source wood from monitored, renewable forests.





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