Key Features


  • Power Scaling

    We implement in our amplifiers a
    licensed and upgraded amp technology
    called Power Scaling, which is a
    proprietary technology developed by
    Kevin O’ Connor of London Power. With this advanced feature the output power of an amplifier can be dialed down to almost a whisper, while maintaining its  tone and power section response. This has the enormous advantage of being able to play your amp to power amp cranked up saturation while adjusting the actual volume level to whatever level you desire.


    For example, you are doing a sound-check for tonight’s gig and have just found the sweet spot on your brand new Formyx Serenity by dialing the preamp’s MASTER VOLUME when the Sound Engineer needs you to lower the volume. Keeping the MASTER where it is, you then dial down the POWER and COMP pots of the amp.

    The same can happen if it’s late at night but you want to play that one lick you just came up with. Without having to sacrifice the tone by dialing down the preamp’s MASTER down to 0.5, you just dial down the POWER SCALING  and COMP knobs of the amp.

    This is a modernization electric instrument players have long
    sought after, which is also far more healthier and safer for our hearing.

    It’s like “going to 11” but at any volume level!


    All Formyx amplifiers come with POWER SCALING by default, unless otherwise custom ordered.
    For more info on Power Scaling and other London Power technologies, visit this link.




  • Independent Bias nodes

    Eliminating the need for paying extra for “matched” power tubes,
    and in some cases having the freedom to even operate different
    tube types for unique tone blending, independent Bias Nodes
    provide a means to adjust and match each tube’s DC current
    level. Since each valve gets older and drifts at a uniquely
    different rate than any other valve, the potentiometers of
    each node are used to always keep the valves balanced.

    No need to buy matched pairs or replace power tubes prematurely any more!




  • Optional Eyelet board construction

    For customer that wish for this option, the audio circuit can be  assembled on flame resistant epoxy glass (FR4) eyelet
    boards. This method is a more difficult and time-consuming manufacturing process
    but is vastly beneficial and ensures ease of access,
    maintenance and customization without the need to remove
    the card from the amp in order to access the solder joints.


  • Top quality materials

    All components used in our amplifiers and cabinets are selected for their
    top quality, durability and stability. Agreed, it can cost more
    but it is always beneficial in the long run since the amplifier
    sounds better, is more reliable, safe to use and lasts a lifetime.
    In the end you get what you pay for, Top Quality!